Tinkoff Bank
      Tinkoff Bank
        Innovative Provider of Financial Services
        Innovative Provider of Financial Services
        About the Company
        A Russian retailer owing a self-titled chain of mobile shops.
        Our solutions
        We developed a unified backup communications infrastructure based on optic fibers with end-to-end SLA (Service Level Agreement). Within three weeks, we reviewed the existing infrastructure and then we proposed a reliable, transparent, scalable and flexible solution. To implement this solution, we had to use 200 kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines, build telephone conduit 2 kilometers long and apply data transmission network with about 20 Gbps. The entire project was completed within six months.
        Difficulties in project implementation were accentuated by rather limited budget and individual negotiations with each contractor. To solve this problem, we have developed a new exchange product.
        Alexander Vakhtin, CEO of Telecom Birzha
        In our partners, we mostly appreciate quality and promptness of performance. That is what Telecom Birzha offers — they always meet deadlines, and both technical support specialists and shareholders are always available for assistance.
        Representative of Tinkoff Bank
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