Leading Russian Multi-Media Holding
    Leading Russian Multi-Media Holding
    About the Company
    The largest private media holding in Russia, that incorporates a television channel, a news agency, a newspaper and a magazine.
    Our solutions
    We organized two Internet ports with 10 Gbps for SafeData2 and DataPro data centers. We also provided optic fibers to connect RBK data centers. We finished construction of set to the company offices and accepted for maintenance the RBK TV channel optic fiber cable.
    Several years of cooperation with Telecom Birzha made it clear that our partner provides the highest quality services and is extremely flexible in problem solutions.
    Alexander Kononenko, Deputy CEO in Technologies, RBK
    Every large project is a challenge for our team. Partnership with RBK became an important examination for all Telecom Birzha subdivisions.
    Vasily Pimenov, Development Director of Telecom Birzha
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