It's time to change.
    It's time to change.
      We entered 2019 fully updated. We have redesigned corporate identity and launched a new website.
      We entered 2019 fully updated. We have redesigned corporate identity and launched a new website.
      From the operator to the infrastructure IT partner.

      For 10 years we have called ourselves the Infrastructure Telecom Operator. We made projects with a focus on this direction. In 2018, analyzing the portfolio of our work, we saw a figure that confronted a fact - it's time to change.

      It turned out that the complex projects that go beyond the operator slice, became more than 40%. We fully covered tasks which included both contract work and network integration. This meant that the existing positioning no longer contained us. And we decided - rebranding.
      In search of a new perspective.

      How were we looking for an agency? According to the classics it should be someone with experience in the industry. Who did something similar. We did not want to. We needed a new perspective. Indirect associations. Lack of pre-set stereotypes. And we found Behance talents with years of branding experience in "other worlds" who could look at us in a new way.

      In addition, we wanted more than just an improved logo. We needed a corporate identity system: colors, our own fonts, patterns, images and other style elements. All so that on any media we could be ourselves. Real, relevant. Report what we can and how we do it. With our character.
      The visual style won a star in the Branding category at Behance.

      О новом фирменном стиле и сайте.

      We clarified the logo metaphor: we added a unifying point-goal to the three fiber lines (see the video below). They made it adaptive: they thought out variations for different carriers, colored background, application icons and social networks.

      Starting from the plastic of the letters of the logo, we created a full-fledged corporate font - with a lot of ligatures for Cyrillic and Latin. And in addition to the main font, an incident was developed. The main feature of this headset - the ability to stretch, turning any phrase into a work of typographic art.

      Variable fonts - a new technology, it has not yet become widespread. This design element helps to emphasize that the company follows new technologies and uses advanced developments in all areas.

      Characteristic details and the ability to change the width of each character make the font a powerful tool in the hands of the designer. Accent colors allow you to develop a contrast game with a counterfome inside the corporate identity.
      To be continued...

      Subsequently, all the ingredients of corporate identity absorbed the new site. Now, traveling through its pages, the visitor sees an interactive map of our network, a selection of cases, a description of services and other sections. But more importantly, our character. After all, our approach to work and partner spirit have shaped what is now.

      And, of course, any product is a developing substance. We do not put the identity on the stop. On the contrary, together with the new meanings that will be created within the company, the corporate identity will also be transformed.

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